Larose 8 Update

Sunday morning event update from Dana: Trails have been groomed and are firm. The race is on. If you are not part of the race, please be off the trails before 11 am: they will be available again for general use by 2 pm. So please feel free to come and enjoy the trails today even if you are not racing.
The parking lot is very icy. Nick will ask for the sand truck to come, but they don’t always do that on demand. Please bring whatever you want for traction around your own truck. I have 2 bags of sand for general areas. We may need to assemble our teams at the start line for safety.
See you at the forest! 

Friday morning trail conditions update: Nick and I both feel that if the forecast stays as is, the trails will be ok for Sunday, though perhaps a bit soft. Our concern is if it stays above zero on Saturday night: up to zero degrees would be ok, but +5 overnight would make it too soft to groom so we’d likely cancel the race. Keep your fingers crossed. Nick will be out grooming at 5 am on Sunday and he’ll let us know how it goes. I will post an update on the website with the event info as soon as he contacts me on Sunday morning – hopefully by 7 am.

Find Event Details and Update here:  Larose 8 Event

Dana Cranstone

Larose 8 organizer

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