Standard race rules

Several race rule sets exist and are used to standardize harness dog sports. For most the different organizations rules are very similar and we are getting closer to a uniform sport regulation across the board.
If you participate in a sanction event, it is recommended you familiarize yourself with the rules of the sanctioning body. Difference are most likely to appear over equipment standards that will be applied.

If you are a recreational dog driver, it would still be recommended you have a look at race rules as it may provide you some guidance in regards to standard trail etiquette, practices and equipment used.

Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports (CAHDS)

International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS)

Federation Quebecoise de Sport Canins Atteles (FQSCA)

La Fédération québécoise des mushers et entraîneurs de chiens attelés (FQMECA)

International Sleddog Racing Association (ISDRA)

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