Training Schedule

Schedule 2023-2024 Season

During Fall Training it is suggested that scooter & cart drivers wear helmets. It is MANDATORY that children in/on carts wear helmets.

For winter Sled Training All sleds MUST be equipped with a brake, a snow hook, a quick release/snub line and a sled bag or at least necklines to keep an injured/tired dog in the sled.

REMEMBER the 1st rule of Dog Sledding “NEVER LET GO”

Saturday, Sept.30       9:00 am 1st Training Day of the New Season – Mille Roches

Saturday, Oct. 7     9:00 am Training Day – Upper Canada Campground CANCELED DO TO HEAVEY RAIN

Saturday, Oct. 21       10:30 race meeting 11:00 race  Mac Johnson Fun Race  

Saturday, Oct.28       9:00 am Training Day – *** Updated location: Riverside-Cedar Campground *** / Poker run

Sunday, Nov.5        Memories Of Gold Rush fun race 

Saturday, Nov.4        9:00 am Training Day – Farren Park

Saturday, Nov. 18     10:00 am Weight Pull Larose forest

Saturday, Nov,25    9:00 am Training Day – Upper Canada Campground

Saturday, Dec. 9        10:00 am Training Day – Riverside Canceled do to Conditions

Saturday, Dec.23       10:00 am Training day – Farren

Saturday, Dec.30         8:00 pm Night Run (Kent and Cindy) Canceled do to no snow

Saturday, Jan.6        10:00 am Training day –  Upper Canada Campground

Sunday, Jan.14          Race for Rescue (Ian Cranstone) postponed

Saturday, Jan. 20     10:00 am Training Day – Larose Forest

Saturday, Jan 27       10:00 am Mac Johnsons Winter Fun Race (Kent & Cindy  Merkley) Canceled Do to Ice rain. Moved to Feb.19 Family Day

Saturday, Jan.27    8:00pm Night Run (Kent & Cindy Merkley) at Larose forest Canceled

Saturday, Feb.3      10:00 am Training Day – Canceled

Sunday, Feb.4        9:00 am Larose 8 (Dana Cranstone)

Saturday, Feb.17      10:00 am Training day – Larose Forest

Saturday, Feb.17     8:00 pm Night run (Cindy and Kent) 

Monday, Feb. 19       10:00 am Mac Johnsons Winter Fun Race (Kent & Cindy  Merkley) 

Saturday, Mar.2        10:00 am Training day – Canceled

Sunday, Mar.3            Race for Rescue (Ian Cranstone)

Saturday, Mar.16        10:00am Training Day -TBD Canceled

Saturday, Mar.23        8:00 pm Night run (Cindy and Kent)  Canceled

Saturday, Mar.30        10:00 am Training day – Larose Forest Canceled



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