Trail Maintenance Day Report

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend and tidied up the trails for the beginning of the season. We had 23 people; 5 of whom are youth – special thanks to the new generation. One bush-hog (thanks Lee and Connie), a 6 ft heavy-duty mower (thanks Brian), a tractor with back-hoe (thanks Michel), an 8 wheeled Argo for transport (thanks Jean), various other smaller tools and lots great effort show some serious improvement in trail conditions!

We have cut an alternate, less sharp, turn to the east from the Parking lot bypass to Moose trail. Tower Loop, 4th trail and the Parking lot bypass have all been cleared back considerably; and the rest of the trails have been mowed and cleared. Thanks to Nick for his “hurricane” of pre-maintenance day tree/shrub cutting. Two days later the debris is all cleared off some now beautiful trails. No more branches in the face!

Three cheers from all the members of Mush Larose! Hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-hooray, hip-hip-hooray!!!!!!!!

I’m looking forward to the SNOW, so we can try this all out. (Can you hear the groans from my office colleagues in the background?) 🙂

Dana Cranstone President, Mush Larose

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