First training day of the new season

Hopefully the days & nights will start to get cooler soon.   We hope that everyone had a good summer and are, once again, ready to start fall training.                     
First day of the new season is Saturday, September 27th at Farran Park,  9:00 a.m.  The rest of the new schedule for 2014-2015 is up on our website at , click on “2014/15 Carting/Sledding Schedule”. 
Please note that the Brockville Fall Dryland Event is only one week after training starts.  Yes, this is early, but do not hesitate to come and try your hand at a fun race.  For those that don’t want to try this so soon, please consider coming out and helping.  Helping out will  give you an insight into what is expected of you and your dog(s) and we can “always” use help. Smile
Here is the welcoming letter for the newcomers.  The seasoned mushers might want to review.  Also the ‘suggested’ Rules of Conduct.
Don’t forget to bring current vaccination papers for your dog(s)!!! 
This is important – we do not want your dogs or any one else’s dogs getting sick due to missed vaccinations.
Also please note that on the first day at Farran Park there will still be campers in the park and out of courtesy we ask that you park only on the left/east side of the road coming in.  That leaves the right/west side clear and wide enough for the campers to go in and out without worrying about hitting dogs or carts/scooters.  Thanks, in advance, for this. 
It is always nice for the people with a car and only one or two dogs to park closer to the entrance and allow room for the trucks and trailers of those who are running more than one team of their own dogs.  We do have tie-out chains between trees for you to ‘park’ your dog. Smile
Hope to see you on the 27th of September!!!   Open-mouthed smile
 Bob & Anne
Anne & Bob Melrose
Mush Larose Training Division
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Lunenburg, ON Canada

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