Logging in Larose Forest

 Please note that there will be logging activities starting as early as September this fall and continuing through to December around the P1 parking area. This will affect 1st, 2nd (Big Pine), 3rd and 4th trails, and possibly south side JGL. Please do not use these trails during fall training as they will not be safe.

 On the west side, the main concession, End Loop, North JGL and Malamute Loop should be unaffected; and it will be possible to use the parking area. 10/11 trail had major renovations this summer and may be a possibility. The eastern trails (Moose Trail, Gun Club and Tower Loop) should be unaffected, but are often wet in places during the fall.

 Obviously race courses will be affected. We will post an update after trail maintenance day once we have had a chance to evaluate the situation.

Forestry hopes to have this all cleared up before the snow comes, so we can have full use of the trails for the winter. Our apologies for any inconvenience – it is a working forest…

 Dana Cranstone

President, Mush Larose

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