Larose trail report – Dec 30th

I just returned from Larose. Everything was plowed when we got there at 10 am.

The Western trails and the parking bypass were groomed, I would say yesterday at the end of the storm, as there was only about 1-3 cm of fresh powder over a hard packed base. Great for skijoring – even for me!  🙂 I did not make it as far as JGL, End Loop or Malamute Loop, but they usually do them all at the same time, so likely all the Western trails are similar.

The Eastern trails had not been re-groomed, except Moose. They were still quite passable for sleds. About 10 cm of light powder over a frozen base with very occasional punchy spots on the sides where there are ruts that have not yet been filled. Not fast, but not that tough either – even my team of mostly 12 year olds was able to get through at a decent trot.


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