A new way to post “Trail Reports”

It’s amazing how fast information sharing changes. For years the skidogs.ca/mush larose forum was very popular among the club members (and other mushers). One functionality that has been more active then the others has always been the trail reports, which members generously share. With the appearance of social medias, some have wandered over to facebook to post and find trail reports. It has been asked if the trail reports could all be brought over to facebook but this brings in the problem that not everyone are or want to take part in social media.

We are trying something new this year and hopefully this compromises most requests regarding the report of trail conditions and help centralize the information where all can find and share it.

You will find a new tab in the websites main menu, called “Trail Report”. All trail reports posted by members should appear on that page in reverse chronological order of when it was posted. All posts will also be simultaneously shared on the “Mush Larose” facebook page (this happens automatically even if the poster does not have a facebook account). If some people wish so, it will also be possible to receive those posts by email.

How do you post trail reports? On the same page as where trail reports will appear, you will find a green button tagged “Post your trail report”. Click the button and you will be redirected to an editors page where you can write and post your trail report and add a photo if you wish. Easy as that!

There is one condition though to be able to post; you will need to register to the website. You can register and later log in on the trail report page. If you plan on posting some trail reports, register ahead as the webmaster will approve registrations manually therefore you may not be approved immediatly. Once registered, you can log in and post at your will.

If you wish to receive the trail reports by email, contact webmaster@mushlarose.ca and automatic emailed trail reports will be setup for you.

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