Larose Forest – Nov 28

What looks good: Most of Big Pine, 3rd trail, East section of 4th, most of Bypass (but not Moose!), Malamute
What doesn’t look good: Pretty much the rest. There is a 2-3ft wide strip of icy crusty snow on about 80% of the trails. In some areas there is a good 1ft wide path of bare ground on the left side of the trail that is nice, but at every turn one cannot avoid crusty icy snow, which makes for hairy turns on wheels!! 

JGL is not useable. Its thick crusty snow and really icy on the tire tracks from the trucks on about 90% of it. The main concession is also a bit dicey. Yesterday’s rain and freezing rain and then this morning’s snow dusting (which did not melt) did not help at all on the concession.
I would say conditions are kinda worse than 2 days ago because of the slippery conditions in some areas…even though there’s a little bit less snow overall. – Seb

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