Larose Forest Jan 5, 2016

From Nick yesterday: Well sorry to say this but the trails are a mess.  There are branches and bent over trees all over the forest.  You will need some help for your trails because there is no way we will be done on our ski trails before the week end.

Kent, Tyson and Jasmin cleaned up today (big thanks guys!): “The kids and I got everything done on the west side except the 3rd trail and ditches and on the east side we got malamute loop done. What’s left: 10-11, Gun club, Tower loop , Moose trail, The by pass for the parking, 3rd trail and the broken ski pass (ditches). The trails were deep (broke trail a lot) and a lot of trees down.”

Nick will try to get out to groom our trail tomorrow. We will post what he manages to do as soon as we have word. It may be hard for him to get across the forest with the grooming equipment given conditions, so please check before you head out.

Anyone who is available willing and able to help would be very much appreciated. Please contact Greg at so he can coordinate efforts. Thanks!



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