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Memories of The Gold Rush – Dryland Fun Race

November 5, 2023

Dog-Powered Sports Day

November 5, 2023

Mush Larose Trails

Race Classes (distances are approximate)*
5 km 4-dog Cart (Open)
5 km 1 or 2-dog Bikejor
5 km 1 or 2-dog Scooter (Open, Nordic Open**)
5 km 1 or 2-dog Canicross
2 km 1 or 2-dog Bikejor
2 km 1 or 2-dog Scooter (Open, Nordic Open**)
2 km 1 or 2-dog Canicross
1 km 1 dog Junior Canicross (16 and under – may be accompanied by an adult)

* If there are fewer than 3 entries in a class, classes may be combined, or cancelled with full refund
** Nordic Open: Purebred northern breed dogs, or dogs of unknown parentage that could qualify for a Performance Evaluation Number (PEN) with the CKC/AKC (at the discretion of the race organizer).

Flea Market

Have dog stuff you don’t need? Bring it to our Flea Market table with clearly marked prices. We’ll sell it. Mush Larose keeps 30%, you keep 70%. Clear out your house, make a little money, and support the club! Baked goods are welcome as well!


We’ll have a $7 lunch of hamburger/sausage with chips and a drink, so stick around for lunch to chat with your dog buddies.


For each class we will need: 2-3 start and finish timers, 1 parking organizer, 1-2 team fetchers. 1-2 Flea Market and BBQ help over the lunch hour; and 1-2 take down help, . Email our club volunteer coordinator at volunteers@mushlarose.ca to let us know what volunteer role you can help out with and we will have a schedule e-mailed out before the race. We’d love to see everyone volunteer for at least one event to spread the work around and keep the day fun for everyone. See below for more details.


Registration has now closed for this event. The schedule will depend on how many teams register for each class, and will be emailed to the participants on the Friday evening before the race. Events will be held in the above order starting at 9 am. Should you have any questions or difficulties with the registration process please contact events@mushlarose.ca for assistance.

This race is free for Mush Larose 23/24 season members. Renewal/registration of membership: general membership minimum $60, suggested $100 for those who use the trails regularly (1 adult using sled/skis – may be shared where the household only has one person running at a time); family membership $100 (2 adults and children 16 and under); associate membership $40 (doesn’t actually use the trails themselves, but comes to events and their dog participates); weekend membership $15. General membership includes participation in other club events and use of the groomed sledding/skijor trails throughout the season. Membership may be paid by etransfer, Paypal, or in person at the race. E-transfers for weekend memberships will only be accepted once your class has been confirmed. Memberships can be purchased here: https://mushlarose.ca/membership/

Proof of vaccinations: Required for all dogs, a minimum of 3 days prior to the eventAll dogs must have up to date vaccinations for Rabies and Parvo/Distemper, or have a vet certified exception, to run on Mush Larose trails and/or events. Send updated proof of vaccination to sledding@mushlarose.ca.

Race details: Any changes or cancellation notice will be posted online at https://www.mushlarose.ca.

Race meeting notes will be emailed out in advance – this is a MUST read. There will be a bizarre fact in the notes that you must know to prove you have read them. Anyone who doesn’t know the fact will not be allowed to race. This allows racers more flexibility in arrival time. Please try to arrive with enough time to be ready for your scheduled start time. It’s a rec race, so we will do our best to accommodate people who are late to the gate, but we will not significantly hold up the schedule for the day.

Please organize your own handlers in advance. There may not be enough fetching volunteers to allow them to help your team to the start.

Dogs are required to be in harness for scooter and carting classes; canicross participants must have their dog(s) securely attached to them with a belt, dogs may wear a harness or run with a non-choke collar (canicross only). Racers under age 18 must wear a helmet and eye protection. Racers in the 4 dog cart class must be a minimum of 16 years of age, or proven to handle 4 dogs in advance – subject to race marshal approval. Cart drivers must have a tie out line with them, so they can stop and anchor the dogs to a tree should they need to (in case of injury or serious tangle). Any participant may be disqualified if their equipment or their treatment of the dogs is deemed unsafe or unacceptable by the race marshal. No loose dogs on site. Please clean up after your dogs.

Prizes: There will be fun prizes for the 1st place teams.

There is no water on site. Please bring your own.

This race is dedicated to recreational mushers and dog-powered sports enthusiasts and is open to all breeds. It also serves as an opportunity for experienced dog mushers to enjoy the trail and share their knowledge. Most importantly it is a chance to “get working dogs off unemployment” and have a great time socializing with other dog lovers.

For more information please contact:
Dana Cranstone, Race organizer

Races depend on volunteers!

Email volunteers@mushlarose.ca to let us know what activity you would prefer, and which races you are in, so we can schedule around it. Volunteer positions are:

Timer (2-3 per event) – records arrival/departure times – there is a head timer to help you
Parking organizer (1 per event) – ensures that the arriving teams park a reasonable distance apart on one side of the lot, alternating side from class to class to keep people separated as much as possible)
Trail help (3 for the 5 km events only) – assists teams to pass if required. Requests traffic wait while teams are on the stretch of trail that is shared.
FleaMarket/BBQ (lunch hour only) – handles BBQ and Flea Market sales
Team Fetcher (1-2 per event) – ensures that each team is reminded in advance of their imminent start time and helps to get to the start line if requested.
Take Down (1-2 people) Helps the organizer take down trail markers, and pack things up after the last class.


November 5, 2023
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Dana Cranstone