Larose – Dec 30th

The western trails were mostly in excellent shape today. • Snow hooks do mostly now hold in the base. • There has been a moron in a truck down the main concession, but it is possible to work around the ruts with sleds without much difficulty – I suspect a bit tougher with skis if you have fast dogs, so choose your route accordingly. • The Deep Ravine trail was fun. A bit easier from the JGL side, so I recommend trying it that way first, and with a smaller team until you know what it is like. Use your brakes to be safe. • The new “Swamp Trail” to Gun Club is open and groomed. It has a broad area of rough ice where the slush came through that is well frozen now. Passable, and not that slick, but some snow on it would be nice. • It is possible to go around the snow berm and use the old route to access Gun Club, but truck rutted to the turn off, and the 50 feet between Concession 10 and Gun Club is not groomed. There is a very tight area between the concrete blocks and a tree that would be tough to navigate with a fast or large team. We will talk with Nick after the holidays about whether we can get this option more accessible.

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