Kennel Cough Outbreak

There have been a number of cases of kennel cough reported after the Nov 4 race. This is not generally a serious condition for healthy dogs, but it is highly contagious and we don’t want to to passing it on to others. Symptoms: dry persistent cough, retching, deep bronchial cough, nasal discharge.

A sick dog should not attend events until the symptoms are completely gone. Affected dogs can be contagious for a couple of days before the symptoms show, so in addition, all dogs who have been exposed to a dog with kennel cough should be quarantined for 10 days after their last exposure, as it can take that long for an apparently health dog to develop the disease. They could be contagious at any time during those 10 days without showing symptoms Even dogs that have been inoculated should be quarantined as the inoculation is not 100%. I know it’s a hassle, but we ask that everyone respect the safety of our more vulnerable young and old dogs. More dangerous pneumonia can develop in severe cases.

More info on kennel cough:

If your pack has shown no symptoms, and has had no exposure to a sick dog since Nov 4th, you should be in the clear. If you have had a sick dog, you need to wait 10 days after he/she is well before taking your other dogs to events. If they have all had it, and are now symptom free, you should be ok – it’s the sick ones and those who have not had it that may still be developing it that we are worried about.

If you would have attended the Nov 25th race, but will not be able to because you are concerned about passing on kennel cough, please contact the race organizers: If enough people are unable to attend we may try to reschedule.


– Dana Cranstone, President, Mush Larose

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