Larose Trail Report Dec 21 – updated

From Nick: “All trails off the 11th have been double groomed including the steep ravine!
Moose and 10-11 have 1 pass and snow was packed on the new swamp trail, gun club north and south and old tower loop. If we have time tomorrow we will try to finish the grooming and i will let u know.”


Seb says: There are some small patches of bare ground on the old/new ravine trail.The swamp trail is not passable without a challenge as there are huge ice ruts (caused by the skidoo tamping), right in the middle of the trail in a lot of spots in the swamp.  They are now solid ice. Hopefully they can groom them, although snow cover is minimal.

The old entrance to Gun Club is not accessible. Concession 10 is gravel just past the entrance to the new trail through the swamp, and then they put a big wall of snow about 200ft down concession 10 from the new trail. The cement blocks also remain. – We will discuss this with Nick in the new year.


Steep ravine is the trail between north JGL and the south-west end of End Loop. We used it some years ago, but abandoned it due to lack of snow for a couple of seasons, and safety issues with the narrow bridge. The trail has been regraded, and a culvert added, so we are trying it again. Thanks Forestry! The grade in and out is quite steep, so use your brakes. It’s a good challenge, but not a trail for beginners or big teams. Seb is installing a caution sign to warn people before they get to the slope.
Swamp trail goes from the skidoo trail and 10th Concession (the 4-Corners) to the middle of south Gun Club. The entrance is just to the north on Concession 10. It avoids the main road, and is hopefully a bit more interesting way to access the Gun Club Trail. It will also allow us to avoid a lot of head-on passing in the Larose 8. The usual entrance to Gun Club will not be groomed, but as it is only about 50 feet or so to the trail, a short bit of trail breaking should make it possible to access the trail the old way if desired.
Please let us know what you think!

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