Updated Mush Larose Winter Schedule

We’ve had an even worse than usual rearrangement of events for this winter because of the weather. Please be advised that this is the updated winter schedule. As always keep an eye on the following locations for updates to events:

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Updated revised winter schedule for Mush Larose

January 26, Sunday – Larose 8 (4 dogs 5-6 miles – Mush Larose trails) (Dana Cranstone / Jenny-Lee Gauthier)

January 31, Friday – Night Run (only if trail conditions are good) (Cindy and Kent Merkley)

February 2, Sunday – Anne Melrose Poker Run for Cancer

February 8, Saturday – Larose Forest Day (sled rides for community kids) (Dana Cranstone)

February 23, Sunday – Larose Fun Race (Skijor, 4-dogs, 4-miles; 2-dogs 2-miles) (Dana Cranstone)

February 29, Saturday – Trail-Bingo-4-Rescue, Weight Pull & BBQ (Trail Bingo: James Erdelyi/Jenny Ross, Weight Pull: Cindy Merkley/Kent Merkley)

March 7, Saturday – Night Run (only if trail conditions are good) (Cindy and Kent Merkley)

Events of Interest

January 18-19 – Haliburton (Pinestones Resort) (WinterDance)

January 25 – Mac Johnson Wildlife Center Fun Race (Brockville) (Cindy Merkley)

February 8-9 – Kearney

February 16-17 – Tug Hill (Winowa State Forest) (PSDC)

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