New Trail to Gun Club – Trail Building Day

Date: September 14th (15th ‘rain’ date / ‘still needs work’ date)

Time: 9 am to lunch, and after lunch if you have the time and energy 

Where:  Meet at Larose Forest P1 (If you are late, drive down the snowmobile trail, opposite End Loop, to find the crew near the east end of 10-11)

Come enjoy the cooler September weather (and hopefully bug free!). Join the club in opening up the new trail that will connect the 10-11 trail to Gun Club trail, and lend a hand in creating a portion of the trails you can enjoy with your dogs and your friends! Plus, you get to help pick a name for this new trail. Oh, and also,…free pizza and drinks!

If you have a chainsaw (and know how to use it!), pick axe/pulaski, grub hoe, trimmers, loppers, hatchets, shovels, etc. (and know how to use them all), or any other useful tools that would help open up this new trail, bring ‘em! If you don’t have any of these types of tools but would still like to help, come on out, there will be plenty of clearing and tossing required! And make sure to wear appropriate footwear (boots highly recommended!), long sleeves, bring work gloves…and bring bug spray (if it warms up, the bugs will come out!)

Unless we have heavy rain, it will be a rain or shine event as it needs to get done before winter. We’ll email Friday to reschedule if the forecast looks too bad.

Seb Clement

Trail Coordinator, Mush Larose 

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