New trail map

The Larose Forest has been updated

The first change from last year is the re-opening of the ‘ravine’ trail between JGL and End Loop.  This trail was used in the past but has been abandoned for several years.  From the trail reports that have been posted, care and caution should be the word when accessing this trail.

The second change is perhaps the most significant.  What was initially promoted as a relief/alternate trail to Gun Club has, for at least the time being, become the main groomed route to Gun Club.  You will see from the map that it has been named ‘Swamp trail’.  It runs off of concession 10 just at/slightly to the north of the snowmobile trail intersection.  Instead of taking a haw to go down the road to Gun Club entrance, you do a quick haw/gee to get onto the trial (apparently there are signs), go across the swamp and join Gun Club several hundred yards from the old road entrance.  If you are going around the trial counter-clockwise, instead of taking a right to the road, you will take a left, go up-trial until you hit the ‘Y” and then gee onto Swamp Trail to come back.

At this point in time, there are cement barricades at the formerly used entrance to Gun Club loop.  The portion of the Gun Club between the road and Gun Club Extension is not groomed.  So even if you do manage to negotiate the snow berm on concession 10 and make it down to the old entrance, you will encounter a section of ungroomed trail with a sqeeze in it (you will have to get your team and sled between the cement blocks)   All that to say this – the Swamp Trail is your safest route to Gun Club – at least for the time being.

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