Larose Forest – Mar 14

The western trails were still in excellent shape, with some light debris from the winds. ByPass, Rollercoaster and 10/11 were both similarly excellent. Best guess is that these trails will be great until Wed, and maybe passable on the weekend for those who are willing to deal with some chancy spots.

Moose trail had moose tracks, mostly on the sides, but one nasty deep print about 2/3 of the way to Concession 10 in the middle; otherwise beautiful. Concession 10 is gravel just south of the 4-Corners for 50-100 feet; otherwise icy but passable on the side.

Swamp is beautiful, but the exit from the swamp to Gun Club is fully exposed, or partially exposed from in the bushes almost to the split (200 ft or so); also has exposed roots and shrub stumps (not nice at all). Gun Club has nasty deep footprints on the south side and a downed tree that is easy to get over; north side also had footprints, but not vey deep, so not that big a deal (and a moose sighting today); and the extension is holding up nicely. I was told Tower loop is good, though both it and Gun Club have a lots of small branches and pine cones, so not good for skijor at all.

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