Larose Forest – Mar 21

Western trails were still in pretty decent shape. 1st was passable but blowing out very soon. Concession 11, Big Pine, 3rd, and 4th were excellent. Ice on the north-west corner of End Loop, and the south side is starting to blow out. West side of JGL is patchy ice and snow, but the rest was good. Eastern trails were passable if you don’t mind running some. 10/11 is going to blow out today, but still passable. Gun Club extension is blowing out in several places. Gun Club trail was pretty good for the time of year; blown out in the usual spots on the north side; south side was icy at Cindy’s truck stop (swampy bit). The turn off to the swamp was blown out completely. Devil’s Elbow’s east face is blowing out, but Tower Loop is still good. Concession 10 is patchy gravel. Gun Club exit to the swamp is blown out entirely. Moose and ByPass trails were in excellent shape. Maybe some running tomorrow morning on the western trails, but after that it’s pretty warm, so I don’t hold up much hope for any snow running next weekend.

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