Larose Forest – Mar 17

All the trails were groomed today except Swamp trail, which is blown out to dirt and brush stumps at the north end exit toward Gun Club, so not recommended.

Western trails were hard and fast with a thin layer of broken granular on top due to the grooming. Eastern trails were similar. Gun Club still has footprints, but better than it was; grassy patch on the north side is now more like 30 feet; the part of Gun Club parallel to the road has a few patches of earth, and will likely suffer a lot with today’s heat. Tower Loop is excellent; Rollercoaster and 10/11 are excellent. Concession 10 was surprisingly still ok other than the 50-100 ft of gravel just south of the 4-Corners (this will melt fast though).

Get out and enjoy it while you can. I think there will still be runnable trails on the weekend, but there will likely be icy corners and the occasional bare patch by then even on the western trails.

Be aware that running dogs in above zero conditions may cause them to overheat. Keep your speed down, your distances shorter and/or take long breaks.

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