Larose Forest – Jan 10, 2017

11th, big pine, 4th, parking bypass moose 10/11 and the eastern trails have been groomed.



I was out last night on all the trails off concession 11. The trails were hard and fast with very occasional punchy bits since they haven’t yet been groomed enough times to be fully solid. We had a really nice fast run. The truck ruts were not too bad by the time we went through. Mostly filled in, and what was left wasn’t too deep. I was a bit leery while skiing, since a small height/texture difference still is a problem for me, but comfortable with it once on the sleds.

Thanks again for the clearing – it was obviously a lot of work and very well done!

Thanks also for the trail report Tanya. I hope more people can get on and let the club know about what they experience on the trails!


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