Larose 8 (or 4, or 5?)

There is still snow on the western trails, not ideal but workable. With the current temperature forecast short distance and smaller teams are a safer approach. I think we can still hold a 4 dog, 4 or 5 mile race on Sunday. The parking lot is currently mixed gravel/ice, so we would have to assemble teams at the start line. Race registration 8:30, Race meeting 9 am, Start ASAP after the meeting. • As before, for those looking for miles, we can hold a second race after the main event, if the temperature stays reasonable and the trails hold. • Keep you eyes open for updates. If we get more snow tomorrow, that would be awesome! If the temperatures go up, that would not… Again sorry for the down-to-the-wire announcements, we will hold the event if we can… – Dana

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