Current trail conditions

With this year’s wet summer and last fall’s logging trail conditions are far from perfect.

On that note, Trail day is Sept 16th if you would like to come out to help clean up the trails for the fall and winter. I’m told there’s free pizza!!

The logging has created ruts and bumps that promote pooling of water. Combining with the fact that the ground is still saturated with water, the trails remain wet and muddy a day or two after rain.

Went out this morning and this is the case in quite a few spots, so if you plan on going, keep this in mind to avoid mud.

3rd trail should be avoided as it is not very safe for the dogs, a big portion of it is now large gravel and the rest of it is full of logging debris and quite rutty and muddy. There’s also a giant pool/lake of water near the connecting trail towards Big Pine and 1st trail (it completely blocks the way).

4th trail is bumpy and has quite a bit of debris still on it and the area near the ditches trails is very muddy and wet.

JGL, End Loop and Malamute are in good condition, but again, keep in mind that after rain they could still be wet in some spots for a couple of days.

With this upcoming dry weather it should help.

Please consider coming out on Sept 16th to help out for a few hours. We meet at 9am at P1. If it rains, it’ll be on the 17th.


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