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Leader Challenge Sled and Skijor Fun Race – With a Twist!

March 6


Leader Challenge Sled and Skijor Fun Race, with a Twist

6 March 2021 – P1 Parking Lot 



In celebration of going back to the orange zone, Mush Larose is offering a fun leader challenge race, with a twist.


COVID rules: Masks will be required on-site for everyone except the racers while on course. Maintain a 6 foot distance as much as possible. Avoid touching anything you did not bring with you, and sanitize if you do.


Please review the Mush Larose COVID-19 policy: https://mushlarose.ca/covid-19-policy-statement/


Race Details

All one course, 4 to 5 miles, possible short segments of head-on passing (more details closer to race day). Skijor, and 4-dog sled teams (open and purebred). The course will be marked with paint or arrows only. There will be no caution tape, snow fence or trail help; you and your leaders are on your own, and don’t expect the usual course – getting the turns is part of the challenge! We will start with the skijorers, then the open teams, followed by the purebred teams. In an additional fun twist, for the purpose of awarding prizes, we’ll send around a pace team who will set the target time for all the racers. Each team will get a randomly drawn handicap added or subtracted from their time. The teams with the closest times to the pace team win the prizes, 1/2/3rd place ribbons and badges. Kat Cranstone has graciously donated an illustration of the dog of your choice for first prize. We will publish the winner at the end of the day and mail or deliver the prizes after the race is completed.
We will list the true result times grouped in skijor, 4-dog sled (open and purebred), so competitive types can still have bragging rights, and the purebred teams can still count their miles for sledding certificates. As per usual, the regular results will be posted on-line within a week. We will organize getting the purebred teams signed forms after the results are posted.
We will not run in class groups. The first team will run at 10 am, followed in 5 minute intervals until everyone has run. With a larger gap between the last skijorer, and also between the open and the purebred teams. We will set the race order of the teams based on past performance to minimize pasing. You will be given a start time prior to the race, along with race meeting notes. As with our fall events, there will be a password in the notes. You must know the password to be allowed on-site, so we know you have read the race rules. You need to arrive in time to get your team ready and be at the line for your assigned start time. After you have run you need to pack up and leave, so we can keep the number of people on site to a minimum. We will not allow more than 25 people on-site. On arrival, you may have to wait outside the race-prep area if there are too many people on-site at that time. Please keep your handler crews to a minimum.
Purebred teams: To give everyone a chance to get some miles this season, we will run the same course again on March 7, at 8 am. There will be no additional grooming, so it is whatever nature grants us. Please indicate in your registration if you are interested in this additional race.
There is no water or food on site. Please bring your own.



Each participant will need to register in advance at https://mushlarose.ca/event-registration/. Registration deadline: Feb 26th at midnight. Cost is $10 for members. Both full and weekend memberships are available on-line at https://mushlarose.ca/membership. Payment before or at time of registration by e-transfer or PayPal. Registration will be limited to a maximum of 40 teams. Should you have any questions or difficulties with the registration process please contact events@mushlarose.ca for assistance.

Any changes or cancellation notice will be posted online at https://www.mushlarose.ca.


Proof of vaccinations is required in electronic format 7 days prior to the event. All dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies and Parvo/Distemper, or have a vet certified exception to run on Mush Larose trails, or at Mush Larose events. Send proof of vaccination to sledding@mushlarose.ca. Due to the difficulty in getting vet appointments, a 3 month extension past expiry dates can be granted with proof of a scheduled vet appointment. Please contact us in advance to confirm if you haven’t already provided your paperwork this season.



We need start and finish timers, a parking organizer, team fetcher (only to keep the teams aware of when they will need to go to the start line). Email our club volunteer coordinator at volunteers@mushlarose.ca to let us know what volunteer role you can help out with by February 27, so we can have a schedule e-mailed out before the race.


Other info

Racers under age 18 must wear a helmet and eye protection. Racers must be a minimum of 16 years of age, or proven to be experienced in advance – subject to race marshal approval. Sleds must have a tie out line with them, so they can stop and anchor the dogs to a tree should they need to (in case of injury or serious tangle). Any participant may be disqualified if their equipment or their treatment of the dogs is deemed unsafe or unacceptable by the race marshal.


This race is dedicated to recreational mushers and dog-powered sports enthusiasts and is open to all breeds; and is a chance, in COVID times, to “get working dogs off unemployment”.

Spectators are not encouraged at this event due to COVID event limits.


For more information please contact:
Dana Cranstone



March 6


Larose Forest
Indian Creek Rd
Limoges, Ontario Canada
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Dana Cranstone