Mush Larose – COVID-19 Policy Statement

Update for January 2022

All events and training days are currently postponed.

Unfortunately, the COVID limit for outdoor activities is now 10 people until at least Jan 26th. This means that all organized events are postponed until further notice: including Training Days, the Poker Run, the January Night Run and the Race for Rescue.

Please feel free to use the Larose Forest trails on your own, or in small groups. Remember to wear masks if you will be closer than 6 feet, most notably while in the parking area. We encourage you all to continue enjoy our COVID friendly activity. 

We hope you can all stay safe and healthy! Which includes staying mentally healthy by getting out and doing things we can do safely. See you on the trails.

The Mush Larose Executive Team

2021/2022 Season Update

The club advises that you consider COVID guidelines before touching another person’s team and asking for their consent as well. Remember to sanitize before and after contacting surfaces that others may have touched. Please wear a mask if you are helping another team and consider keeping a mask on while in the parking area.

Masks will be required at the start and finish lines (optional for the racer), kitchen area and any other area that you cannot maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet.

Remind people who may want to pet the dogs, that regrettably, with COVID, that is not a good idea.

Changes for the 2021/2022 Season:

  • Electronic only event registration.
  • Electronic membership and vaccination (dog) submissions are available however cash, cheques, and paper membership submissions are once again accepted this season.
  • Modified event procedures.
  • Limiting non-member spectators as much as possible.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet for all members and volunteers while at events, and when not possible a mask will be required. We suggest wearing a mask at all times.
  • A mask is required during race meetings, in the kitchen area and while awards are presented.
  • All members should bring their own hand sanitizer and masks.

Please direct any and all questions, concerns or suggestions to any Mush Larose executive member or email

Stay healthy and stay safe!

The Mush Larose Executive Team

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