Membership 2019-2020

Membership includes participation in club events and use of the groomed sledding/skijor trails throughout the season. You must be a member to run on the Mush Larose signed trails at Larose forest.

Membership is due in September every year, but we are happy to accept your updated membership form and fee at any Mush Larose event.

  • Membership rates are $50 “per sled/skijorer” per season, $15 for a weekend membership, mushers under 16 are free if accompanied by an adult membership.
  • We charge for a Maximum of 2 memberships per house hold as our family deal. Note that household additional members must still fill in a membership form.
  • Proof of vaccination will be required with registration. All dogs must be vaccinated for Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, or have a vet certified exception to run on Mush Larose trails, or
    at Mush Larose events.

You should have your Mush Larose membership card and up-to-date season sticker with you when you are on the trails from Nov 15 to Mar 15.

To join Mush Larose

(For One Weekend only Membership go here)

At Events

You can register at a Mush Larose event by bringing your filled and printed registration form, check, and proof of vaccination. (Note that the rates are now $50 per member-form not yet updated)

Printeable Membership Registration form (click to open)

By Mail

You can register by mailing your registration form and check at address at the bottom of the printable form. You will be asked for proof of vaccination at Mush Larose event or trails. 

Printeable Membership Registration form (click to open)


You can now register and/or pay online for your Mush Larose Membership. To do so you will have two options: Paypal or E-transfer
You may also fill the online form and pay by cheque (your membership is registered at reception of payment)

If you have trouble with the online registration contact

Personal Information

  • Activity and Interest Profile - Profile d'Interets et Activitees


Individual Membership - Adhesion individuelle

  • Payable to - Payer a l'ordre de:
    Association Mush Larose Association
    Mail to:
    4075 Kelly Farm Drive,
    Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 4J3

  • You will be redirected to paypal link and instructions for e-transfert for payment after submitting your form

Waiver - Formulaire de désistement

  • By my participation in any Mush Larose event, I acknowledge and agree to be responsible for my conduct and the conduct of my dog(s). Further, I shall not hold the organization, members, volunteers, the Larose forest staff and/or the County of Prescott-Russell responsible for any injury or damage to myself, my dog(s) or my equipment. I state that my dog(s) is/are in excellent medical health and is/are up to date on rabies vaccinations. I agree to abide by the rules of the event(s).
  • En participant aux activités de l’Association Mush Larose, je reconnais et j’accepte être tenu responsable de mes propres actions tout comme de celles de mon chien ou de mes chiens. De plus, je ne chercherai à imputer aucune responsabilité envers l’organisation de l’Association Mush Larose, de ses membres, de ses bénévoles, du personnel de la Forêt Larose ou des Comtés unis de Prescott-Russell, pour toute blessure, dommage ou perte encourus par moi-meme mon chien ou mes chiens ou à mon équipement. J’affirme que mon chien ou mes chiens sont en excellente santé et que son ou leur inoculation contre la rage est à jour. J’accepte d’observer les règlements en cours à chaque événement.
  • *Chaque membre doit approuver aux termes de desistement et signer*


You will be redirected for payment instructions after submitting the form

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