Moose & 10/11 March 24

Skijored this morning around 9am on Moose, Concession. 10, the 10/11 trail, JGL to Broken Ski Pass, and 4th Trail across to Parking Lot Bypass. Temperature was -6 and windy, so trails were a little hard and icy and it was difficult to do anything on skis except double pole. The beginning off Moose looked a little rough but it was actually in good shape once you get to the Bypass, with only a small patch of ruts and rough snow just past the ski trail crossing to watch out for. A few bare patches on the shared skidoo trail but they are avoidable – one on Concession 10 just after I came off of Moose, another on Concession 10 just before the “4 corners” at Concession 10 and 10/11 and other on 10/11 just after this intersection. There were also some deeps ruts that were very icy from skidoos turning at this intersection that will hopefully soften a bit in the afternoon. Snow coverage on 10/11 was a little thin in the open field section but still passable. A lot of logging debris on the small north section of Bypass from 11 to the corner, but after that it was fine. Might be one more week left for these trails, a little more for the western ones. Get out and enjoy!

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