Larose trails Dec 23

Went skijoring around 9:30 before the snow was heavy. Big Pine, 3rd Trail, through the ravines to JGL, End Loop, Malamute and Parking Lot Bypass. Trails were in good shape – packed base with a some soft snow on top – although the snow coverage on the bypass was still a little thin with lots of twigs and grass poking through. It should be much better tomorrow after today`s snow. While all trails were groomed, not all the turns have been groomed – notably not the haw turn from southbound Indian Creek Road to the Parking Lot Bypass, which is the turn everyone uses here. Very soft, deep snow in this turn. The log is still at the end of the parking lot, but you can get around it on the west side. Checked out the ravine between JGL and End Loop but aborted at the top – the steepness is one thing but the subtle little downhill turns you have to make around trees on the south slope are too scary for me!

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