Larose Forest – Dec 26

Trails today were very hard ice with a light snow covering glued to the surface. Footing is hard and fast, but the dogs had a decent grip. Most corners are fast, but ok for experienced sledders. Several corners are very icy: 4th to Ditches, north back corner of JGL, north back corner of End Loop. Ditches to JGL has some tracks and is a bit rough, as is JGL to Concession 11. We avoided deep ravine – way too icy for that. Malamute is very rough post vehicle driving in it. 3rd has rough gravel coming through. Concession 11 was ice with snow, but decent. If the trails got a bit more snow this afternoon like we did in town, I’m am hoping it is passable tomorrow for experienced mushers and with smaller teams. For skijor teams would have little braking ability, and hitting the trail would really hurt.

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