Gun Club & Tower Loop Dec 30

Skijored on Gun Club and Tower loops this morning around 11. Temp was about -20 but not very windy. Trails do not appear to have been groomed since last week but they were in decent shape for the most part. The one exception is the south portion of Gun Club between the ravine and the new access trail – there were several sections that had brown ice chunks across the trail that were quite tricky. There was also a small bit of trail at the bottom of the ravine that had some ice chunks but it was easy to get through. You might want to stick to the north portion of Gun Club if you want to avoid going through several 6-8 foot sections of icy trail though. Since I skijor I access these trails from Drouin rather than the new access trail, but there were sledding tracks on both Gun Club and Tower so I guess the new trail is open and usable.

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