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Dryland Race #2

November 26, 2017



Sunday November 26, 2016
Larose Forest, P1, Limoges, Ontario


So we had some issues with icy trails, in particular south JGL was likely to be unsafe. However, we think we have found a decent route. There will still be some frozen puddles you can steer around, but maybe not so good for beginners. Depending on the snow we get tonight, it could all freeze up to a nice rough surface, but no guarantees. That said, the Bikejor/Scooter/Canicross route is new and interesting!

Carts will start on First Trail, come back on Big Pine, then turn left on Concession 11 proceeding all the way to the back of End Loop, then will do Malamute Loop on the return trip for a total of 5.1 kms. More head-on passing than usual, but it was the best we had to offer.

Long Bikejor/Scooter will start the same way as the carts, but on the way back will turn left onto the Bypass, then left onto the ski trail, right on Moose and back for an approximate total of 6.4 kms

Short Scooter/Canicross will leave on First, come back on Big Pine, then turn left on Concession 11, then right on the Bypass, left onto the ski trail, right on Moose and back for an approximate total of 2.8 kms


This is a simpler version of the October dryland. Trails will be marked with arrows and caution tape only.

dog yard_3

Race Classes (TBC)

4 dog rig, 5.1 km (Open and Nordic ACK/CKC)
1 or 2 dog Bikejoring, 5.1 km
1 or 2 dog scooter, 5.1 km (Open and Nordic AKC/CKC)
1 or 2 dog scooter, 3.1 km
1 or 2 dog Canicross, 3.1 km
Note that course lengths may be changed depending on trail availability on the day of the event.

New race fee this year: There will be a $10 all day event fee in addition to club membership. Proceeds go to fund ongoing Mush Larose expenses.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! Timers, Team Fetchers, Trail Help, Bib Collector, Kitchen Help, Registration Help, Set-up, Take Down (see end of email for full descriptions). Email our club volunteer coordinator at volunteers@mushlarose.ca to let us know what volunteer role you can help out with by Friday of the week before the race, so we can have a schedule e-mailed out by Wednesday the following week.

Racers must be 2017-18 season Mush Larose members [renewal/registration 40$ per individual].There will be a $10 additional all day event fee this year. Membership includes participation in other club events and use of the groomed sledding/skijor trails throughout the season. Day membership is $15 per person. Club will require Rabies and Parvo/Distemper vaccine – must present paperwork.

Registration will be held from 8:30-9:00 am on race day, but do us all a favour and if you didn’t already renew your membership fill out your membership renewal-registration form in advance (see attached) and bring it with you to speed things up! Don’t forget to bring your Membership Card with season sticker! Race meeting starts at 9:30 am.

There will be badges and ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.

Race Information
Any changes or cancellation notice will be posted online at www.mushlarose.ca.

Drinks will be available to purchase on site. Order your Boboul’s pizza before 10 am for noon delivery. There is no water on site. Please bring your own.

This race is dedicated to recreational mushers and dog-powered sports enthusiasts and is open to all breeds. It also serves as an opportunity for experienced dog mushers to enjoy the trail and share their knowledge. Most importantly it is a chance to get working dogs off unemployment and have a great time socializing with other dog lovers.

Dogs are required to be in harness for scooter and carting classes; canicross participants must have their dog(s) securely attached to them with a belt, dogs may wear a harness or run with a non-choke collar (canicross only). Racers under age 18 must wear a helmet. Racers in the 4 dog cart class must be a minimum of 16 years of age, or proven to handle 4 dogs – subject to race marshal approval. No loose dogs on site. Please clean up after your dogs. Any participant may be disqualified if their equipment or their treatment of the dogs is deemed unsafe or unacceptable by the race marshal. Carts – drivers must have a tie out line with them, so they can stop and anchor the dogs to a tree should they need to (in case of injury or serious tangle).

Members are permitted to run their teams on trails not involved in the race if they wish, so long as they do not interfere with the race teams. Consider parking close to Moose Trail or the parking lot entrance if you wish to exercise your dogs on Moose or Concession 11 south of the parking, so that you will not have to run through the parking lot.Note that the race course will include a short section of Moose trail between the parking lot cutoff and the parking lot exit. Note: Moose trail can be rough and wet at this time of year and is not recommended for carts. Run at your own .

Spectators are welcome, but please be aware that these dogs are not all house pets. Ask the owner before you approach any dog, be respectful of the proper way to approach a dog. Spectators should leave their own pets at home.

Races depend on volunteers!
Last year nearly all the participants volunteered for something. We hope to get this kind of great participation level again this year, so we can spread the work around. That’s what makes these events run smoothly! Email volunteers@mushlarose.ca to let us know what activity you would prefer, and which races you are in, so we can schedule around it. We hope to slot people in for no more than 2 volunteer slots to allow everyone the opportunity to mix and mingle. Volunteer positions are:

Timer (2 per event) – records arrival/depature times there is a Head Timer to help you
Team Fetcher (1-2 per event) – ensures that each team arrives at the start line in time
Trail Help (3 required; only for 5 km events)- positioned on the trail in places were people may require assistance, such as the ditches, or turns where people may get confused
Bib Collector (1 per event) Stands just past the finish line and ensures that we get our bibs back
Kitchen Help (1 per event) collects funds, deals with hot water for tea and hot chocolate there is Head Kitchen Help to assist you
Registration Help (1 -2 people, 8:30-9 am) – ensures people sign a waiver and register for the appropriate event(s)
Set-up (2-3 people) – Come Saturday 2-5 pm to mark out the trail, remove any debris, set up signage, etc…
Take Down (2-6 people – whoever has enough energy to stick around and help take down signage, and pack things up)

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada


November 26, 2017
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Ian Cranstone


Larose Forest
Indian Creek Rd
Limoges, Ontario Canada
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