Trail Report

We did not groom any of your trails today. Even if this snow ends up staying, it will be too warm to take the groomers out.  Your trails still have a good foot of snow for a base. Nick Looks like there is still some life in our trails for …

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March 25

Trails have not been groomed after the new snow yesterday. Skijored on Moose, 10/11 and Parking Lot Bypass around 9:30 am on back-country skis. A couple of sleds had been down Moose ahead of me, but I was putting down new tracks on 10/11 and the Bypass. Snow was very …

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Trail update

All the trails are done. Conditions are good but a bit soft. The by law officers are patrolling this week end and hopefully those atvs will be caught. Let me know if more damage occurs, i can go and fix it. Nick   Thank you Nick and crew, you guys …

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ATV damage

I was looking forward to running on perfectly groomed trails this morning, but sadly, an ATV has been out on most of them and left big ruts … again.  They drove through the picnic shelter, down first, across to third, through the ditches, all of JGL and all of End …

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Larose – 3 March 2017

Nick and the crew have groomed all the western trails, 10/11, the north side of Gun Club, Devil’s Elbow and Tower Loop. Moose Trail is extra hard and icy from all the traffic it gets packing it combined with the rain, but not slippery. Gun Club on the south side has …

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Larose – 17 Feb 2017

They have been having trouble with too much snow this week, but they were able to groom somewhat. Steve has groomed the western trails (off concession 11), but only one groomer wide (4 ft), the eastern trails (Moose, Gun Club and Tower Loop) are skidoo packed, but not 10-11. — Dana

Larose – 11 Feb 2017

Nick just re-groomed the trail and it looks pretty good. With the cold overnight it should be nicely firmed up by morning. Looking forward to running it – thanks Nick – you are a magician! Dana